Arthur Barclay Business College (ABBC)

The Arthur Barclay Business College (ABBC) proudly welcomes you to its academic programs.

  • To teach students and train future accountants, economists, and managers to become industrious.
  • To build capacity of students through skills and knowledge to be efficient in addressing the challenges of the business world.
  • To prepare students for future academic endeavors in various fields of study.
  • To prepare students and graduates to contribute to the community and national development.

A candidate for the degrees of Associate of Art (AA), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Accounting, Business Management, and Economics must complete a combined total of 155, 153, or 137 respectively of semester hours to qualify for graduation at the Bachelor level. The curriculum in each field of study is presented in two parts:

Part I: Deals with the complete Associate of Arts (AA) degree program.

Part II: Deals with the third and fourth year of the Bachelor of Business Administration and the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degrees program.

The program of study for each of the six areas of the curriculum is made of three core courses: 1) the academic supporting. 2) the internship orientation, and 3) the specialized courses. In addition to this arrangement of the program, the curriculum is designed to provide a considerable time for practical experience through various training programs.

Area of Study Degree / Credit Hours Degree / Credit Hours Combined Total Credit Hours
Accounting AA / 80 BBA / 75 155
Economics* AA / 83 B.Sc. / 70 153
Management AA / 80 BBA / 57 137

*All Economics majors must obtain their Associate of Art degree in Management or Accounting.

Note - Interested candidates can view the Admission Page of this website to obtain all necessary information on the Entrance Exams and Admission Policy and Procedure of the Polytechnic. You can download, print, complete and submit in hard copy or complete the Entrance Exams or the Admission Form electronically and submit.

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