Admissions Information

  • Proceed to Cashier Office and purchase Admissions Form on campus;
  • Filled up the form, attach all registration requirements, and present same to the Admissions Office to obtain your Admission Letter;
  • Follow the same registration process as old students.
  • Pick up your Control Sheet from the Admissions Office.
  • Filled up your Control Sheet from the semester schedule posted on the Bulletin Board or SMP website.
  • Take the Control Sheet to your college Adviser for signature.
  • Take the Control Sheet to the Finance Office and obtain a bank slip to pay your tuition.
  • Return bank slip to the Cashier Office and obtain the official Stella Maris Polytechnic Receipt.
  • Proceed to the Director of Finance Office with the official Stella Maris Polytechnic receipt for Verification and signing.
  • Proceed to your college Dean for final signature of the control sheet.
  • Drop your control sheet in the Admissions Office for final processing.
  • End of Registration.
  • Old students - 100.00 USD
  • New Students - 100.00 USD
College Cost / Credit Hour: Liberians Cost / Credit Hour: Non-Liberian
Arthur Barclay Business College (ABBC) US$20.00 US$50.00
Monsignor Stephen Kyne Technical College (MSKTC) US$25.00 US$50.00
Monsignor John Ogé Agriculture College (MJOAC) US$25.00 US$50.00
Bishop John Collins Teachers College (BJCTC) US$20.00 US$50.00
Mother Paterń College of Health Sciences (MPCHS) US$25.00 US$50.00
Laboratory US$50.00/Lab US$50.00/Lab
  • Make sure to pick up your billing before and after the Add/Drop process.
  • Make sure to verify registered sections and course code from the official schedule.
  • Make sure to register (write down your name) on the college tally sheet for each section.
  • Ensure that your name is on the official class roster after the Add/Drop process.
  • Do not give cash to anyone (including employees of the polytechnic) to help you with your registration process.
  • When classes begin, start attending classes while trying to complete your registration process.